Ayyubid Egyptian

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Historical Overview Section

The Ayyubid Dynasty was founded by Saladin in 1169. The name comes from Saladin's father and Shirkuh's brother, Najm ad-Din Ayyub. In 1171, Saladin deposed the last Fatimid Caliph and then seized control of the interior of the entirety of Syria, and even Northern Iraq. He also achieved control of the Hejaz and Yemen. His greatest accomplishment was his defeat of the Later Crusader states at the Battle of Hattin and conquest of Jerusalem in 1187. By the end of that year he had conquered virtually all of the Kingdom.

The Empire was reduced by the 3rd Crusade and was divided up on Saladin's death among his three sons. The Ayyubids continued to rule Damascus and Aleppo until 1260, when they were driven out by the Ilkhanid Mongols, and following the Mongol defeat at Ain Jalut later that year, most of Syria fell to the Mamluk Egyptians. Local Ayyubid dynasties continued to rule in parts of Syria (most notably Hamah) for another 70 years, until the Mamluk Egyptians finally absorbed them in 1334.

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UK Tournament Results with this army

2 / 62 Ayyubid Egyptian Britcon 2008 15mm (open)
2 / 16 AYYUBID EGYPTIAN Scottish Open 2008 (open)
13 / 14 SS13 Ayyubid Egyptian Northern League 2008 R4 (open)

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