Historical Overview

During the seventeenth century the influence of the court of Versailles grew strong in Piedmont. The proximity of the Duchy of Milan, where troops were stationed in France, and the sale of tyhe town of Pinerolo (one of the most important strongholds of Savoy) close to Turin meant that the court, which had been under Spanish influence with Charles Emmanuel I, became French under his three successors - one of whom gloried in the name Francis Hyacinth, and who was succeeded by Charles Emmanuel II.

Various misfortunes repeatedly hit Piedmont following the death of Charles Emmanuel II, including the plague in 1630 and The Wars of Succession of Monferrato which both contributed significantly to the already widespread poverty.

Savoy was eventually turned into a satellite state of Louis XIII, which was vaguely unpopular and means a sort of civil war in which blokes in wigs fought each other, some of whom beseiged Turin. One side won and Turin was subject to great looting on July 27, 1639. The sets of wig-wearers reached an agreement in 1642. During the subsequent years (when the kings mom ruled) there was a resurgence of religious conflict and in 1645 Savoyard troops massacred large numbers of the Protestant population of the Waldensian valleys, known as Pasque Piedmont, but were eventually stopped by international pressure. A final agreement with the Waldensians was carried out in 1664.

The energetic mom then tried to unite the crown of Savoy with the Portuguese, which would have seen the country wiped off the map. Her son Victor Amadeus II also fell out with the neighbours the French which led to the invasion of the duchy by French forces. Savoy defeated the army of Louis XIV in the Siege of Cuneo, but was dramatically defeated in the battles of Staffarda and Marsaglia but then Victor Amadeus II married Anne Marie d'Orléans, niece of Louis XIV and everyone was friends again leading to Savoy being picked for the French team in the WSS.


The best ones for this army are probably those who do Louis XIV French ranges...



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