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Preceeded by the FoGAM Mamluks, the Renaissance Mamluks were drawn into the era of conflict whislt Early Ottoman Turkish Sultan Bayezid II was engaged in Europe and a new round of conflict broke out between Egypt and the Safavid dynasty in Persia in 1501. Shah Ismail I sent an embassy to the Venetians via Syria inviting them to join arms and recover the territory taken from them by the "Porte" (Ottomans). Mameluk Egyptian sultan Al-Ghawri was charged by Selim I that he was providing the envoys of the Safavid Ismail I safe passage through Syria on their way to Venice and harboring refugees. To appease him, Al-Ghawri placed in confinement the Venetian merchants then in Syria and Egypt, but after a year released them.

After the Battle of Chaldiran in 1514, Selim I attacked the Dulkadirids, an Egyptian vassal, and sent his head to Mamluk Sultan Al-Ashraf Qansuh al-Ghawri. Secure now against Shah Ismail I, in AD 1516 he drew together a great army aiming at conquering Egypt, but to deceive it he represented his army to further the war against Shah Ismail I. The war started in 1515 which led to the later incorporation of Egypt and its dependencies in the Ottoman Empire, with Mamluk cavalry proving no match for the Ottoman artillery and the janissaries. On August 24, 1515, at the Battle of Marj Dabiq Sultan al-Ghawri was killed. Syria passed into Turkish possession, who were welcomed in many places as deliverance from the Mamluks.


See the manufacturers here. You can see some of the figures in the Ancients Photo Gallery also on this site. This listing only covers "arabic" figures - Turk/Hunninc/Mongol figures are omitted as nearly everyone does some of them.
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Used by Don Avis in the 2012 Southern League
  • 6 MF Bw
  • 6 MF Bw
  • 8 MF Warriors with Lt Sp
  • 6 MF Arquebus
  • 4 LH, Bw/Sw
  • 4 Cv, Superior, Armoured, Bw/Sw
  • 4 Cv, Average, Lt Lance, Sw, Armoured (Syrians)
  • 4 Cv, Superior, Armoured, Bw/Sw
  • 4 Cv, Superior, Armoured, Bw/Sw
  • 4 LH, Lt Lance, Sword
  • 4 Cv, Superior, Armoured, Bw/Sw
  • 4 Cv, Superior, Armoured, Bw/Sw
  • 4 Cv, Elite, Heavily Armoured, Bw/Sw
  • 4 TCs



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