The Ethiopians are similar to the earlier Axumites, except they have forgotten about elephants and gained cavalry and some things that go bang.

They have the highest number of arquebusiers or musketeers of the African armies, and can have light artillery. They can also have Colonial Portugese allies which can give them two medium guns.


You are unlikely to get all the figures you need from one manufacturer. Look at their biblical for Nubians, and their colonial range for Mahdists and other Africans.

Lancashire Games
Nubians for spearmen, archers, and light horse. Mahdists for cavalry and Hadendowa swordsmen and shot.

Irregular Miniatures
Especially the Bornu African figures, including quilted fully armoured cavalry.

East Riding Miniatures stock Grumpy's Colonial Portugese which include Africans
To see what they look like go to

Plus all the other manufacturers ranges of Sudanese/Nubians.


Lots of terrain as the army is warriors and light troops. You will be shot on the way in so have support and a general, preferably a GC, to keep morale up. Make sure you get those ++ warrior overlaps!

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